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'I can tell by how you breathe you can manifest anything'

is a mixed media digital exhibition depicting tegwen. 

Not to be confused with Tegwen. 

Shifting from a desire to learn traditional Witchcraft,

to re-remembering and respecting moments of magic they overlooked.

Often we imagine what objects could say if they could speak, but what if "speak" could "object"?

Artwork: Tegwen (they/them) in collaboration with tegwen (they/them)


Instagram: @by_tegwen

Thank you to my sister Leah, the first Witch I met. 


Thank you to Sibling Collaborative, Zo, Katherine, Sharon, and my partner Rocky for inspiring me with these quotes.

This project was commissioned by Sibling Collaborative LTD as a part of Sibling Series: Witches and Bitches

Page Design: Mia Quimpo Gourlay (she/her) and Tegwen (they/them)

Facilitated by: Madalena Miles (she/her)

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