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Sibling hosts a variety of different workshops that encourage self-celebration and creative exploration. Our workshops are an opportunity to create using a new perspective through collaborating in intimate and practical environment. 

Sibling's resident facilitator: Madalena Miles (she/her)

Mady's workshops incorporate elements of self-inquiry, spirituality and dance practices. Her workshops are a blend of self-reflective journaling, intuitive movement and guided conversations. Her practice is trauma-informed and continues to evolve to be as inclusive, accessible and compassionate as possible.

Mady's upcoming workshops include:

   ✶ Scribble Sessions (guided journaling)

   ✶ Expression Sessions (intuitive movement, breathwork and           meditation)


We invite guest-facilitators to bring their crafts and passions to Sibling's platform, whatever that may be!


You don't have to be an "expert" to host a workshop (no one is)! Workshops are a space for mutual learning and support as you figure out what process works best. If you have a passion you'd like to share or want to gain experience in leading a session, we would love to work with you!

*paid opportunities coming soon*

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