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'Witches and Bitches' is a series of projects that cause trouble and radically embrace all that is deviant. 

In a kaleidoscopic exploration of “witchery”: rituals and inner worlds of our rawest nature, this project series unravels shame and the subjectivity of being a bitch.

How do we face our own resistance to that which has been hidden?

Is being a bitch always a cause of threat?

How do we re-introduce ourselves to our bitchiest, most shameless self?

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by Lola Ramos (she/her) 

“Bruxaria” is a series of digital illustrations and gifs that explore different facets of the female monstrous, through the lenses of fear and the unconscious. Lola celebrates the femme witch persona in Portuguese and Brazilan history, raising questions related to ancestry, colonisation and the deviant.

by Tegwen Evans (they/them) 

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This is a confession of a sloppy “witch”. This mixed media digital exhibition is a vulnerable display of profound quotes they were told and photographing moments they regretfully ignored. Often we imagine what objects could say if they could speak, but what if “speak” could “object”?

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by Hannah Margaret White-McGinn (she/her) 

In this ‘glass and found object’ series, themes of resilience are explored in spite of societal norms and confines. Though the tree is surrounded by oppression that is not always visible, it perseveres, growing until it breaks through and reaches its full potential.

by Lauren E. Allen (she/her) 

Revelare illustrates a timeline of moments where Lauren was told she was “too much”. In a soft sculpture layered with sketches, portraits, words and memories, Lauren unravels societal projections of shame and smallness.

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by Solidago Faye (they/them) 

In this project, Solidago writes on their experience with coming into themselves. They question what beauty means and if it is worth its existence in meat. Beauty is an unavoidable consequence of our world and must be questioned. Does the pleasure given to the beholder come at some cost to the one deemed “beautiful”?

by Alexandra Aquilina (she/her) 

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In an honest exploration of the hidden self, Alex uses photography and text to invite an intimate encounter inside her safe space, her bathroom. She dissects and analyses her body, its history of fertility, bleeding and magic through the Madonna.

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by Yas Mawer (she/her), Holly Worton (she/her) and Sinead PG (she/her) 

WILD THINGS is a collaborative short film exploring the grizzlier side of menstruation. This is not a flowery tampon commercial; this is not yoga and ylang ylang; this is the wild side of the womb. Exploring what it means to bleed on repeat. To become in sync with your sisters. To bleed together. To howl together. To know that the womb is the belly of the beast.

by Claire Flath (she/her) 

Untitled_Artwork 68.png

This portrait series features women in Claire’s life as they explore what empowerment means to them. This work embraces femininity and the reclaiming of womanhood, as the subjects collaborate on how they want to be depicted through color, pattern, natural elements and pose.

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In our 3-month journey, we created a temporary community of independent creatives. Together, we explored the subjectivity of “witches and bitches” through workshops and collaborative conversations. Sibling has intended to provide a supportive model for artists to develop their ideas and explore their passions with integrity. Celebratory processes are needed more than ever to help creatives be truly present with their craft and step into the light of their personal experiences.

Below, is an insight into the hard work and inspiring journeys of the Witches and Bitches artists and Sibling team.

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Untitled_Artwork 78.png

Episode 3: Witches and Bitches | Sibling Series

In this episode, Mady (she/her) & Mia (she/her) talk about Sibling Collaborative's first themed publication series, working with 10 international artists on the them WITCHES AND BITCHES. We chat about all the different aspects of the theme; from the disorderliness of identities to addressing our own internalised resistances to "bitch-hood". We talk about rituals and care practices, and the repulsion around menstrual blood. The final segment of this episode is a reflection on our process of facilitating these projects and learning on the job!

We are currently a donation-funded organisation.

We want to support independent artists creatively and financially.

Your donations go towards Sibling’s resources and the creatives that we collaborate with.​

We suggest a donation of £3, or the price of your daily coffee.

Any and all amounts are sincerely appreciated.

Thank you so much for supporting this community of independent creatives!

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