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Cover it up. Conceal it in the shadows: the blood that trickles from full moons into wild oceans. Bury us in dirt; in leaves; in shadows; in all the wild things you cannot tame. Make us one with Mother Earth, for you cannot tame this beast…

a short-film project by Yas Mawer, Holly Worton and Sinead PG

Now, this is the part where the wolves howl.

WILD THINGS - Tree & Sky from Floor Image.jpg

Adverts and media show images of white sanitary towels lightly soaked in cool-toned, blue-dye liquids, surrounded by flowers and smiling women on roller-skates. But what about the bright-red reality of periods? Many are still embarrassed by it. Avoiding that inevitable moment when someone tells us periods are disgusting - as if we didn't figure that one out the first time we bled through our leggings on the bus. ‘Natural’ and ‘beautiful’ are not synonymous. ‘Natural’ can be beastly and sticky, and we don’t need to sugar coat our monthly cycles into pretty, yoga-doing, yoghurt-eating versions of themselves for it to be accepted and discussed in society.

WILD THINGS is a collaborative short film exploring the grizzlier side of menstruation. This is not a flowery tampon commercial; this is not yoga and ylang ylang; this is the wild side of the womb. Exploring what it means to bleed on repeat. To become in sync with your sisters. To bleed together. To howl together. To know that the womb is the belly of the beast.

Makers and Performers:

Yas Mawer (she/her)

Holly Worton (she/her)

Sinead PG (she/her)






Aidan Kelly (he/him)


Drone Camerawork:

Jazz Hutsby (he/him)


Blue Nicotine feat. WILDTHINGS Cast




This project was commissioned by Sibling Collaborative LTD as a part of Sibling Series: Witches and Bitches

Page Design: Mia Quimpo Gourlay (she/her)

Facilitated by: Madalena Miles (she/her)

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