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Our publications are a collection of interdisciplinary artworks, celebrating individuality and all stages of creativity. 
Made by independent artists, supported by Sibling.

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a short-film by Sámal Hansen
Sámal explores the nuances of "coming out" and the paradox of silence as a form of allyship. Two years after he talks to Sibling about making the film and how his relationship to being an artist has evolved in retrospect.

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photography project

the places i'd put myself back together

a collaboration from Paige Stevens and Lava Ali
Enjoy this intimate wander through Lava & Paige’s collection of photographs and reflections on Scoliosis, scars and transformation.

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Scribble Sessions: a guide to journaling gently and intently

by Madalena Miles
tips to help you build a self-reflection practice that is meaningful, flexible and unique to you.

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think piece

Unfinished Passion Projects:
imposter syndrome, art and identity.

by Mia Quimpo Gourlay
why is making art about ourselves so hard? 
and yet, why do we put ourselves through it?


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past work


a short film created by Madalena Miles and Mia Quimpo Gourlay
“Originally intended to be a live performance interrogating the (im)perfect balletic form of duets, (FAUX) PAS DE DEUX adapts to a 2000km separation, and a global pandemic. How do you perform a socially distanced duet, and what does it mean to be together in the midst of separation?”

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