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Our Podcast is Here!

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Welcome to the Sibling Collaborative Podcast, where we have conversations with creatives and curious souls about the things that inspire and move them.

On this co-creative platform we want to celebrate our community of artists in every version of themselves and in every stage of creation. We invite people to talk about their processes and transformations through creativity.

Check out our latest episodes below!

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Our beautiful podcast logo!

Designed by the lovely Honor Grace. 

Find her other illustration work @honorgrace

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Latest Episodes:

Episode 3: Witches and Bitches | Sibling Series

In this episode, Mady (she/her) & Mia (she/her) talk about Sibling Collaborative's first themed publication series, working with 10 international artists on the them WITCHES AND BITCHES. We chat about all the different aspects of the theme; from the disorderliness of identities to addressing our own internalised resistances to "bitch-hood". We talk about rituals and care practices, and the repulsion around menstrual blood. The final segment of this episode is a reflection on our process of facilitating these projects and learning on the job!

Check out the Witches and Bitches projects here!

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Episode 2: The "Artist", Passion Projects and Hyperfixations with Zo Fries

In this special episode, Mady (she/her) talks to Zo Fries (they/them) - the first artist to collaborate with us on a digital exhibition! We talk about the awkwardness of the “artist” label and the role that mental health plays in the starting/finishing of creative projects. This conversation explores the experience of their body in transition and the transformative process of tattooing!

Check out Zo's artwork on their Artist Profile: 'Existential Rummage'

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Episode 1: Welcome to Sibling Collaborative!

In the FIRST EVER episode, Mady and Mia talk about the journey of creating Sibling Collaborative and what the creative platform means to them. They reflect on what they’ve learnt so far - from values and insecurities to the necessity of setting boundaries. This episode is for any “unfinished artists” who are curious about following their intuition and confronting imposter syndrome!

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