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Artist Profiles are personalised portfolios that celebrate and collate an artist's process.
They are unique scrapbooks documenting projects, ideas, conversations, unfinished works and intentions. Sibling produces intentionally curated digital exhibitions through an intimate collaborative process.

Please donate to our independent creatives for their exhibitions!


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Zo Fries (they/them)

Existential Rummage

This multi-sensory exhibition explores Zo’s body in transition and the frenzy of emotions in dysregulation.
Kitsch, honest and wobbly: this space hosts a playful party for their discomfort demons.


We are currently a donation-funded organisation.

We want to support independent artists creatively and financially.

Your donations go towards Sibling’s resources and the creatives that we collaborate with.


✶ 1/3 of the donations made to each exhibition will go towards the Artist.

✶ Please title your donation with the "ARTIST'S NAME" to ensure that they receive your contribution!

We suggest an entry donation of £3, or the price of your daily coffee.

Any and all amounts are sincerely appreciated.

Thank you so much for supporting this community of independent creatives!

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