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Creative Kinship

✶ Sibling collates ideas, resources, conversations, portfolios and publications from independent artists.

✶ We don't want to emulate white wall gallery spaces. We want to uplift and make artists visible, along with their unique processes and creative visions.

✶ We embrace creatives that are looking to connect with other people, share their work and be inspired by what’s being made around them. 

✶ We want to grow into a tangible, loving, inclusive community. Not only in how we bring people together, but also in our ambition to de-centre imposing conventions of the artist experience - imposter syndrome, comparison, perfectionism, self-doubt, isolation...

✶ Sibling creates spaces for you to share your craft, test out ideas and be celebrated for it.

✶ We hope to see you holding space for whatever represents you and your passions, whatever that looks like! 

Intuitive Process

✶ Sibling is committed to creating space for you to experience compassionate, personalised and flexible creative processes.


✶ Our goal is to tackle imposter syndrome by empowering artists to create processes that are meaningful to them, rather than moulding ourselves to pressurising standards of productivity and linearity.

✶ We recognise that our creations are often inseparable from the people that we are; our experiences, passions, vulnerabilities and identities. 

✶ We want to expand the value we give to creative processes, and deconstruct the idea that only "finished" work is worthy of being shared and celebrated.

✶ We aim to have intentional exchanges and relationships with every artist that we collaborate with, because we value you for more than just what you produce.

Untitled_Artwork 82.png
Untitled_Artwork 82.png


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 Madalena Miles 


I am a writer, performer and director. My passion projects revolve around dance/movement/language and the intricacies of intimacy and relationships. I have a background in Drama and performance practices in Education/Social/Community contexts.

My personal practice is an integration of reflection, movement and exchanges of vulnerability. I'm a big believer in the healing properties of intentional community!

Most of my incessant reflection and idea-generating happens as soon as my head hits the pillow (Midnight Mady). I'm also ambidextrous, which must mean something!?


 Mia Quimpo Gourlay 


I am a performer and interdisciplinary arts producer with an academic background in Drama - although I have learnt more about myself since graduating than I did in my 3 years studying. Many of my creative projects are "in the works" and have been for a while - but that's okay!

I'm interested in honest explorations of identity, particularly the mixed British-Asian experience. I have also dipped my toe in dance and movement practices, mainly as a means for connection and conversation. I work with live performance, DIY film and can now apparently design websites!

I am a proud Filipino, nut allergy sufferer and self-confessed spam lover. 

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Finance, Support and Development

 Chloe Kate Cunliffe 


I am interested in arts administration and arts management. I love the process of helping people create art. Although I have also performed, directed, and written, I can't help but be drawn back to facilitating art rather than creating it. Recently I've studied Arts Management in which I researched the impact of politics on funding of the arts, and therefore on the art being created. When I'm not working, I'm spending time with my baby tortoise Zippy.

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