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Passion Projects 

written by Mia Quimpo Gourlay

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who we are...

 ✶ Sibling is a grassroots platform for creatives who are looking to collaborate, deepen their connection to their craft and affirm their value.

 ✶ We want to celebrate our unfinished projects, half-baked ideas and unexplored passions, because we believe they're all part of our growth as artists, individuals and a community.

 ✶ Sibling believes that the artistic process is just as valuable as the "perfect" final product.

 ✶ We want to disarm imposter syndrome and make space for experimentation, playful collaboration and curiosity.

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what we offer...

Sibling is a co-creative platform that offers opportunities for your facilitation and participation.


We create:

   ✶ Multimedia publication platform (we help to develop people's ideas and support their unique perspectives and processes)

   ✶ Community (feedback and support network for artists)

   ✶ Artist workshops 

   ✶ Social events

   ✶ Themed digital exhibitions and submission call-outs

   ✶ Artist Profiles 

   ✶ Podcast episodes 

   ✶ Commissions (coming soon...)

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Zo Fries: Existential Rummage

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meet the team!

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Latest Podcast episode:

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